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Camping Pods

Our camping pods turn camping from good to great!

Built to last, with quality, comfort and security in mind, these pods will allow you to offer your customers an experience they will remember!

And with the affordable prices we have to offer these pods will prove a valuable investment.

What is a camping pod?

The Family Camping Pod

A camping pod to accomodate the whole family! At a huge 6 metres in length, this camping pod easily sleeps up to 6 people comfortably...

The Alternative Camping Pod

The same length as our standard camping pod but re-designed slightly, we've found some of our customers prefer this alternative...

The Extension Module

Our camping pods have been designed to be extendedable. Should you ever want to add extra space in your pods we provide an extension pod that allows you to do just that...

Superior build and quality

Our camping pods are built to the same high standards as all our products. Using the best materials, workmanship and construction methods.