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Log Cabin Installation Service

For those who would like one of our beautiful timber log cabins, but don't fancy a big DIY project. Don't worry because we have a team of professional tradesman who can achieve your dream cabin for you.

Cj Timber Retreats have a highly experienced team of installers to complete your cabin from start to finish with minimum fuss and disruption to you and your property. So no need to have one company install your base, then another to install the cabin. Operating throughout the Yorkshire region, we offer the full package. All areas are swept and all rubbish is disposed of on completion, leaving your garden clean and tidy with total satisfaction.


Unlike all the other company's offering so called cheap alternatives for your cabin base, the only thing that is cheap are the materials used but the labour still comes at a cost! This is because their tradesman probably cannot lay paving correctly or level. So beware!

We only recommend installing your cabin on a sustainable quality base using concrete or paving slabs. The materials for this are equally as cheap and our award winning paving installers can swiftly lay the base correctly, so you can rest assure that it will last for many years to come and not just sink or rot away. Please note that if you are adding a veranda to you cabin then remember to add the dimensions of this to you cabin/shed base.

As all base requirements are different please phone to arrange a quote.

Cabin Installation

Your cabin installation is extremely important to us that we supply and lay a free damp proof membrane between the base and the timber joists. So once we have established the base is correct and sound now its time to build your timber cabin. The same highly skilled professional team will now assemble your cabin with the care and attention to detail it deserves, to ensure that it is fully installed correctly. Taking away all the stress of a DIY installation.


Now your cabin is built, a correct roofing membrane is required. Again our professional team will provide and install your roofing for you. Simply choose the roofing membrane you require from our extras when purchasing your cabin. Please see roofing materials page for more details of options available.


We recommend the fitting of guttering, to ensure rain water from the roof is directed away from the cabin and to prevent splashing which damage the bottom of the cabin over time. Plastic or Galvanised steel options are available, again can be fitted by our installation team.

Wood Protection

Now your cabin is complete simply protect the timber with a quality paint or stain, with a colour of your choice and make the timber 100% waterproof.

It's now time to sit back and enjoy your new dream timber cabin.

Conditions during the installation process 

Access to use of water, electricity and toilet facilities will be required for our installation team whilst on site.

Storage of materials and equipment may also be required.

It is the customers responsibility that the access to and the area for the installation is clear, failure to do so causing delay or a return visit, may result in extra charges.

All reasonable care will be exercised during delivery and installation. However should you believe any areas of your garden or property during this process may be at any possible risk of damage it is up to the customer to protect the areas of concern.

Various delays can be caused during the purchase and installation process, due to weather, traffic, shipping etc.. so unfortunately no guarantee can be given on the start and completion dates of your cabin.

As Timber is a natural product, some minor adjustments of the doors and windows may be required to be carried out by the customer. This is due to the cabin timber settling to its new environment and the timber expands and contracts slightly. Alternatively adjustments can be carried out by CJ Timber Retreats on a chargeable basis.