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Siberian Larch

We at CJ Timber Retreats choose to use Siberian Larch for our top of the range cabins and lodges. Why? The answer is simple, Siberian Larch is a wood of unique natural quality! We and many other professionals consider being the elite leader amongst cutting timbers, well known all over the world for its unique biological and physical properties.

The eco properties of Siberian larch are that there is no need for chemicals to protect the wood from the outdoor elements, the beauty is that it's simply protected by nature itself!! Siberian Larch is also a 100% sustainable recyclable resource.

Siberian Larch has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics and performance. Foremost Siberian Larch is a frost hardy timber that has greater resistance to rot and decay than other timbers, due to high resin content and tannins which contain anti-bactericidal and anti-parasitic properties. The antiseptic ingredients protect against fungus, mould and insect infestation while the chemical structure makes the resins non-water soluble. Products made from Siberian Larch are proven to last hundreds of years. One excellent example of this is that the foundations of Venice rest upon Siberian Larch.

Not only is Siberian Larch a beautiful looking timber, it is also very robust and durable. Siberian Larch is a dense, tough and resinous timber, making it very resistant to knocks and scratches, Siberian Larch is the hardest of all the commercially available softwoods, with a hardness similar to Oak. The timber practically doesn't respond to rain, frost or heat aridity, and has a low thermal conductivity.

Siberian larch is a medium/large size deciduous coniferous tree that can live up to 700 years. It is a very straight, slow grown tree, reaching heights of up to 50m tall with a trunk up to 2.4m wide. Larch is extremely strong, with tight grains patterns and virtually knot free, giving it a real classy look. The knots that are present in the timber are light gray in colour and remain firm and undecayed, even after drying and machining. The colour on installation is ranges from golden yellow to brown, over time this will weather to a very attractive, uniform, faint silvery gray. This weathering property has become a largely sought after characteristic by architects.

Now you know why we only choose and use the best timber for your cabin!  

We do not recommend the painting of Siberian Larch as paint is not flexible and will eventually fail. However if paint is used it wont fail as quickly as with other timbers that experience more expansion and contraction. If you do require the colour of the timber to be changed we recommend staining, as the timber responds well to this as it highlights the grains.

Just as with any species of natural wood some movement will occur due to the changes in moisture levels, so you may experience some slight surface checking. With regards to movement Siberian Larch is a stable wood, so will perform very well due to the high density. The denser the wood is, the less movement.

All our timber is resourced from sustainable FSC managed forests.

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