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Standard Camping Pod

Introducing the new standard camping pod. This camping pod has proved very popular since its release.

These camping pods have been designed to be the best available! This particular model is the convenient length of 4 meters to make it easily fit it any location required, whether it be situated around a busy fishing lake or tucked away, hidden, in a forest retreat.

You will not be dissapointed with its interior either. The standard camping pod easily and comfortable sleeps up to 4 people with room left for all that camping equipment! When inside, your occupants will not find themselves clambering over their wet clothes and cooking stoves but will easily be able to maneuver confortably inside.

If your looking to boost your sites profile or just create a unique camping experience the standard camping pod would be a valuable investment for any park owner. The campings look, feel, smell great and will have your campers returning time and time again...

Standard Camping Pod


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