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What is a camping pod?

In our words...
"...camping pods are best described almost as a wooden tent..."

In our words, camping pods are best described almost as a wooden tent. They are designed and built be compact, taking up the least amount of room but at the same time to maximise in comfort and fun! Our camping pods have a beautiful curved body which looks amazing from the outside, and when inside, creates the feeling of being inside a cosy wooden cave!

Camping pods have became something of a new craze for campsites, woodland resorts, fishing lakes and are just about anywhere you would find people staying overnight. Camping pods have been appearing all over Europe and are everywhere in the United Kingdom. Some of our designs have appeared around the lakes of a Russian Prime Ministers! Also just recently they have also been shipped over to the states and Canada. They are proving a big hit.

Their in-genius design allows our camping pods to be used almost anywhere for many different situations, they really are very versatile. The camping pods have been used on campsites to offer customers a more fun experience and an alternative to pitching up their tents. They have also been widely used around fishing lakes to be used as overnight accommodation for the fisherman so he doesn't have to spend the night in a small, uncomfortable and cold 'bivvy'. As mentioned below they have been installed at people's homes in their gardens for alternative uses such as extra bedrooms, garden summerhouses, and even garden offices. The fact that they look so pleasing allows them to fit into almost any setting you could imagine.

The camping pods are very easy to install and move around. The forklift sleeves built directly into the base of the camping pods allow you pick them straight off the delivery wagon using your forklift or tele-handler and place them directly onto the base you have provided. And that's it your done! The camping pod is now ready to use, you can start renting it out or using it straight away.

Built from superior waterproof, rot proof Siberian Larch the camping pods are fully protected from the elements, complimented by metal, fire-proof roof shingles, diffusion membrane, and structural pine framework not only makes our pods visually stunning but also safe.

The camping pods are supplied with high quality toughened double glazed, CE approved residential type doors with superb durable safety locking system. Trickle vents installed in the windows and doors make the pod ‘breathable’ ensuring the safety and health of the occupants.

With 50mm insulation in the walls as standard and the floors pine and spruce construction complete with 100mm insulation will make the pod snug and cosy. No worries of occupants being cold...!

Each camping pod is 2.4 metres wide by 2.6 metres high, each model has a different length. This makes the camping pods surprisingly spacious inside and give plenty of head room, even more so than a tent. Our smallest model of camping pod can easily and comfortable sleep four persons.

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